The Easicode Pro Series
Unique to Borg Locks, this range of keypads are fully mechanical with on the door code changing in 10 seconds or less.
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GAI Awards 2022
The Borg Locks team were humbled and delighted to be named winners of the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers Company Innovation Award 2022
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Heavy-duty BL7000 ECP Series
One of the hardest-wearing locks on the market. Designed for high traffic areas, the BL7000 ECP provides durable and robust access control.
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Cabinet Locks Series
The BL1000 series is a range of compact keypads, specifically created for metal cabinets, lockers and cupboards feature our patented Easicode Pro coding chamber for a quick, on the cabinet code change.
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Door Locks & Keypads

Easicode Pro the 10 second on the door code change from Borg Locks

What is the Easicode (ECP) range of locks?

Easicode Pro are a range of locks created by Borg Locks, designed to speed up the code change process. With Easicode Pro the code change process can occur on the door without the need to remove any tumblers in as little as ten seconds.

Borg Locks offers an extensive range of keyless locks for the best in access control

With so many styles of doors and gates on the market, each has its own requirements and demands to work effectively. Here at Borg Locks we have strived to create keypad locks for every scenario. Regardless of what application you have, there will be a Borg Lock for you and we’ll help you every step of the way.

25 years without compromise

In 1997 we firmly believed that when it came to security no compromises should be made in quality – and we haven’t changed our opinion since.

Fully British Engineered

Designed in the UK by experienced engineers and manufactured in our own factory we always strive for excellence in design and simplicity in use.

Keyless locks for all requirements

From simple light duty locks to heavy-duty, industrial access control systems, we have a full range of specialist keyless locks to solve your security problems.

We’re always here to help

Backed up by our unparalleled support and a top-notch warranty, we believe Borg Locks are always the right choice to control access effectively.