A Good Samaritan helps the Basildon and Thurrock Samaritans

Jenny Meads, Branch Director of Basildon and Thurrock Samaritans

The Basildon and Thurrock Samaritans received help from their own Good Samaritan just recently.

Borg Locks donated several Cu-Shield antimicrobial copper touch digital locks to the Basildon and Thurrock Samaritans

Jenny Meads, Branch Director of Basildon and Thurrock Samaritans is pictured with one of the Cu-Shield locks donated by Borg Locks.


Local lock manufacturer, Borg Locks UK based in Upminster, gifted three of their newly launched antimicrobial copper-touch digital locks to the offices, the Cu-Shield.

John Hyslop, Managing Director at the firm said: “The amazing work that the staff and volunteers do at the Basildon and Thurrock Samaritans has been vital to our community, especially given the year we have all experienced.

“I’ve seen first-hand all the protective measures that the staff and volunteers are taking to keep each other safe, however, as winter draws in I knew there was something more that we at Borg Locks could offer to help them out.”

John is referring to the donation to the Basildon and Thurrock Samaritans of several Cu-Shields, the world’s first copper-touch digital door locks.

He continues: “All year long we have been told three key things by the government: hands, face and space. Everyone is following these guidelines but there’s always more that can be done to protect us all.

“By harnessing the antimicrobial powers of copper on the Cu-Shield digital door lock, any harmful bacteria or viruses which might be transferred onto the surface will be neutralised in less than four hours. And best of all, like the Samaritans themselves, the copper is working tirelessly around the clock.”

Jenny Meads, the Branch Director from Basildon and Thurrock Samaritans said: “These locks give us extra peace of mind that there is one more thing in place to help keep our volunteers safe during these very trying times.

“We know that the festive period and winter generally can be very difficult for many people so we want everyone to know that confidential support is available 24/7 from our volunteers. We are very grateful to Borg Locks for this generous donation of digital locks which will help us continue to be there for our local community in need.”

21st December 2020 | Liselle Barnsley | Posted In : COVID-19, Cu-Shield
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