Access Control – All You Need To Know

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Access Control Explained

Access control is a flexible way of keeping your building secure and monitoring who can gain access and at what times. It is a keyless system that enables authorised staff, family or visitors’ access to the building if they have the required code or card. There are many benefits to having a keyless locking system. Losing, replacing and copying keys takes up time and money. Fiddling in your bag and pocket for a small key every time you wish to enter the property is also a hassle. With an access control security system, you will not have this issue.

Borg Locks provide secure, high-quality entry solutions and electronic door access to both business and residential properties.  Our professional team can install and maintain your access code entry system, which can be tailored to the needs of your property or business. This will enable you to manage your home or run your business security smoothly, efficiently and on the go.  As the operator of the system, you control who has access and at what times. This can be done from a multitude of devices, and you can decide whether cards, fobs or PINs are best suited to your needs. All options can be amended as and when needed. This flexibility is perfect for both high traffic premises, such as hotels or office blocks and also for homes.

Benefits Of Access Control

  • It is flexible, and you have full control
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Installation is fast and simple
  • You can have your unique ID cards
  • High level of security for your premises
  • Security is 24/7
  • Helps to reduce energy usage
  • Alerts via text and e-mail
  • It can be linked with your CCTV and fire alarm systems
  • Reports can tell you who has entered and when

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