Benefits of cabinet locks from Borg Locks

Benefits of choosing a cabinet lock for your home or business

What are the benefits of cabinet locks?

If you’re wondering about the benefits of cabinet locks for your business or home, then we’ve put together this handy guide about the features of all the cabinet locks available from Borg Locks:
  • Increased security – provide a high level of security for valuable possessions or confidential documents as a specific code is required to open the cabinet.
  • Keyless operation – you don’t have to worry about losing a key or replacing a lock as there is no need for the user to have a physical key to operate the lock.
  • Key override available – for the owner, there is added peace of mind as some locks come with a key override allowing the cabinet to be opened even if the combination code is forgotten.
  • User friendly – very simple to use and quick to operate with the keypad.
  • Flexibility – can be used to secure valuables in a variety of settings, from schools to gyms and spas, or industrial units.
  • Very durable – all the cabinet locks offered by Borg Locks are very reliable and robust, having been tested for over 100,000 cycles. If you choose the Marine Grade Pro finish, then they are also designed to withstand everything the British weather can throw at them.
  • Affordable – digital combination locks are an affordable security solution which allows controlled access to valuable items.
  • Mechanical operation – these locks are operated mechanically and do not rely on batteries or electricity to work. This mans they can be in operation 24/7, 365 if needed.

What’s so special about the cabinet locks from Borg Locks?

Used in businesses like gyms and spas, commercial and industrial units around the world, as well as in homes to secure valuable personal items, we have introduced several additional features to ensure our cabinet locks are the best on the market:
  • Compact – our digital cabinet locks are small in size and can be fitted on many cabinets, cupboards and drawers easily.
  • Flexible – our digital cabinet locks can be fitted horizontally or vertically and the keypads can be easily revered to offer left-hand or right-hand operation.
  • Internal or external use – our digital combination cabinet locks come in an attractive satin chrome finish for indoor use, or Marine Grade Pro, our durable finish specially designed for external use.
  • On the door code change – our digital cabinet locks come with Easicode Pro, which means the combination code can be changed in under 10 seconds and while the locks remains on the cabinet door!

Meet the 1000 Series of cabinet locks from Borg Locks

Borg Locks Benefits of cabinet locks from Borg Locks Business security Cabinet locks Home security %Post Title, %Site NameOur cabinet locks are conveniently grouped together as the 1000 Series. Featuring a range of compact (110x40mm) keypads, they are designed for metal cabinets, lockers, drawers and cupboards.

The 1000 Series all have Easicode Pro as standard, allowing the code to be changed quickly and securely without removing the lock from the door, all done in a matter of seconds!

Plus, the locks are available in satin chrome or our Marine Grade Pro finish…perfect for every situation.

Cabinet locks from Borg Locks – for security, home and away

Our experienced teams at Borg Locks are here to help you choose the most suitable lock for your needs and situation and are available to chat on the phone or video Monday to Friday.

Borg Locks Benefits of cabinet locks from Borg Locks Business security Cabinet locks Home security %Post Title, %Site NameJust call the main office on 01708 225700 or WhatsApp us on +44 7483 457183 and we’ll be happy to help.

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