Borg Locks used on the UK’s first Bleed Control Cabinets

Turtle Bleed Control Kits featuring Borg Locks

UK’s first Bleed Control Cabinets

The cabinet houses an emergency first aid kit, designed to prevent catastrophic blood loss while paramedics race to the scene.

The Bleed Control Cabinet was designed by engineers at Turtle Defib Cabinets in partnership with the Daniel Baird Foundation, which was set up by Lynne Baird after her 26-year-old son was killed outside a pub in Birmingham in 2017.

The Bleed Cabinet features the marine grade, weather resistant BL4400 lock which is designed to operate under the toughest of conditions.

The cabinet is accessible 24 hours a day. Anyone needing to use the kit calls 999 to report the incident location and then they will be talked through the next steps to operate the digital Borg Lock and access the portable kit, which can then be used to stem the bleeding until the emergency services arrive. The kit contains haemostatic dressings, gloves, a tourniquet and a chest seal.

Turtle Bleed Control Kits featuring Borg LocksMike Dowson, managing director of Turtle Engineering said: “Bleeding from trauma injuries can prove fatal in three to five minutes so we are making it our mission to try and get the cabinets and bleed kits truly accessible in all major towns and cities throughout the UK.

“We are very proud to be helping the Daniel Baird Foundation with this first cabinet because they have trailblazed the need for accessible bleed kits in the West Midlands.”

John Hyslop, Managing Director of Borg Locks commented: “Borg Locks are already being used on defibrillator cabinets across the UK because of their reliability and durability. We hope that local government organisations, community groups and business organisations will install these bleed cabinets in as many places as possible to help save lives.”

CLICK HERE to watch the news article on BBC Midlands Today.
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