Commercial Door Locks

26th July | bl_admin

Choosing the right commercial door lock for your business As a business owner, one of your top priorities is ensuring the safety and security of your premises. One easy way you can protect your employees, customers, and valuable business assets from potential threats such as burglaries and unauthorised access is by choosing the right commercial […]

15 year old Borg Lock still performing ‘like new’

17th April | Liselle Barnsley

This borg lock still works after 15 years! For 15 years now, we have been servicing the Borg Lock used by members of the Wybunbury Anglers Association in Cheshire. Between fishing seasons, the lock is returned to our Service Department where we carefully dismantle, clean and rebuild it to ensure it keeps working perfectly. And, […]

Benefits of cabinet locks from Borg Locks

27th March | Liselle Barnsley

What are the benefits of cabinet locks? If you’re wondering about the benefits of cabinet locks for your business or home, then we’ve put together this handy guide about the features of all the cabinet locks available from Borg Locks: Increased security – provide a high level of security for valuable possessions or confidential documents […]

Locks for Aluminium Doors

23rd June | Liselle Barnsley

It’s no surprise that aluminium doors are becoming so popular when you consider their advantages over traditional wooden or plastic doors. Aluminium has long been prized by manufacturers for a range of reasons. Doors can be made wider and taller than uPVC while thinner frames maximize the amount of glass that can be utilised. Its […]

Locks you can rely on – meet the 5000 Series from Borg Locks

10th June | Liselle Barnsley

We created this range of medium to heavy duty digital combination locks to meet a wide range of end user requirements. For high traffic situations, such as offices and commercial premises, you can rely on this lock range to stand up to the test of time, unlike many other lighter duty locks. With nearly 40 […]

Cabinet Door Locks – Keeping valuables safe and secure!

28th April | Liselle Barnsley

Cabinet door locks are an often overlooked, but important, element of home security. Not only do they keep valuable items inside cabinets safe from theft, but they can also prevent curious children from accessing potentially dangerous household items. In this blog, we will discuss the various benefits of cabinet door locks, including increased security and […]

The perfect lock for your metal gate – BL3030

12th March | Liselle Barnsley

At Borg Locks, we had metal gates in mind when we designed the entire BL3000 series of digital locks. Every lock comes in a high quality, fully marine grade tested material designed to survive arduous weather conditions outside for years and years, never failing and always looking good. Within this range, the BL3030 is tiny […]

Workplace electronic door systems

23rd July | bl_admin

One of the many priorities of being a business owner is to have good security. Security measures are provided via CCTV cameras and alarm systems and will certainly do the job but how secure are your locks? Old existing locks are sometimes overlooked and could be putting your business in danger, leaving it vulnerable to […]

Providing security checks for your business during lockdown

12th May | bl_admin

Business owners are looking to tighten the security of their business premises, as lockdown has forced many of them to close, pull down the shutters, leave buildings unattended and potentially open to criminal damage. Some businesses may be more vulnerable than others, with easy public access and a high street presence being of great concern. […]

Keypad door entry system has many benefits

2nd April | bl_admin

Introduction to Keypad Door Entry Systems A keypad door entry system is a form of security system that enables authorised personnel to gain access to a building or property by entering a code on a keypad. These systems are gaining popularity in both residential and business settings because they offer a convenient and secure method […]