The benefits of keyless locks and why a key override function might be useful

24th February | Liselle Barnsley

The benefits of a keyless lock The most obvious benefit of a keyless lock is that there’s no need for a key to enter or exit. As long as you know the code and enter it correctly on the digital keypad, then your lock will function. It’s great if there are several people who might […]

Product launch – meet the BL7000

2nd February | Liselle Barnsley

Borg Locks are very proud to be launching a brand new heavy duty lock range, the BL7000 ECP. This is the latest range of access controls to join the unique Easicode Pro (ECP) series of locks from Borg. The extensive range offers a host of innovative features designed and built to meet a heavy-duty specification […]

Product Spotlight: BL1716 horizontal mini cabinet lock

10th January | Liselle Barnsley

The BL1716 is one of our most popular cabinet locks and is perfect for providing another layer of security for anyone needing lockable storage solutions. It’s ideal for businesses wishing to protect employee belongings, to use at home for important personal documents or to secure work valuables. Key features of the BL1716 cabinet lock Horizontal […]

There’s no stopping the innovation at Borg Locks!

10th September | Liselle Barnsley

Following rapidly on the heels of the recently redesigned and relaunched BL2625 and BL4409 digital locks, Borg Locks are launching a brand new heavy duty lock range, the BL7000 ECP at the MLA Expo 2021. This is the latest range of access controls to join the unique Easicode Pro (ECP) series of locks from Borg. […]

Borg Locks innovate once more with a new product launch – BL2625

11th August | Liselle Barnsley

British lock manufacturers Borg Locks have taken one of their most popular digital combination locks and improved it even further. Introducing the BL2625 ECP MG Pro from Borg Locks The BL2625 ECP MG Pro is the ultimate, compact-sized, rim-fixed sliding deadbolt with the added unique feature of keypad operation from both sides. The secure rim-fixed […]

Locks for aluminium doors

23rd June | Liselle Barnsley

It’s no surprise that aluminium doors are becoming so popular when you consider their advantages over traditional wooden or plastic doors. Aluminium has long been prized by manufacturers for a range of reasons. Doors can be made wider and taller than uPVC while thinner frames maximize the amount of glass that can be utilised. Its […]

Locks you can rely on – meet the 5000 Series from Borg Locks

10th June | Liselle Barnsley

We created this range of medium to heavy duty digital combination locks to meet a wide range of end user requirements. For high traffic situations, such as offices and commercial premises, you can rely on this lock range to stand up to the test of time, unlike many other lighter duty locks. With nearly 40 […]

Easicode Pro – the 10 second on the door code set

16th April | Liselle Barnsley

Changing the code on a digital lock can be a nightmare. Especially if you need to change it regularly and the entire lock has to be removed to do it. That might mean you put off changing the code as regularly as you should do, which is never a good thing. Have total control over […]

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