ECP (Easicode Pro)

9th June | bl_admin

With the Easicode Pro models, code changing has become as easy as pushing a button. Prior to the ECP models, the former standard models were designed so that the keypad would have to be removed to access the tumblers. Carrying out this task could cause common problems with the spring control bar or an insufficient […]

Keypad door entry system has many benefits

2nd April | bl_admin

Going keyless not only allows you to save room in your pocket but can be very beneficial when it comes to the security of your home or business. Lost keys or even worse, stolen keys are costly, locks will need to be changed and key holders will need new keys issued. With keypad locks, there […]

The Places In The UK With The Most Break-Ins And How To Protect Your Property

5th March | bl_admin

The UK is a reasonably safe place to live when you consider other parts of the world. There are, however, some parts of the UK that are more susceptible to break-ins than other areas. It is not always densely populated cities with high rates of crimes either, some small towns and villages have made it […]

The Most Common Issues With Door Locks

10th February | bl_admin

Your home and workplace are likely to have multiple door locks. Day in and day out we open and shut doors, using keys and twisting handles. All doors and locks will begin to wear over time which will eventually cause problems. These problems tend to crop up at the most inconvenient moments. Here we look […]

Signs It Is Time To Change Your Access Control System

16th January | bl_admin

A growing business will have more significant access control needs to keep up to date with new employees. Your access control system should scale with your business. So, how can you tell if it is time to upgrade? Your business has recently experienced a break-in – A break-in can be extremely inconvenient, scary and costly […]

Access Control – All You Need To Know

9th December | bl_admin

Access Control Explained Access control is a flexible way of keeping your building secure and monitoring who can gain access and at what times. It is a keyless system that enables authorised staff, family or visitors’ access to the building if they have the required code or card. There are many benefits to having a […]

Keyless Electronic Digital Door Locks – Why You Should Upgrade

12th November | bl_admin

Home security is incredibly important and not something that should be neglected. Old style locks, padlocks and bolts are no longer able to provide the level of security needed for our homes and in current times, with everything being digital, it makes sense to apply this to our security systems too. Locks can become rusty […]

Our thanks and the MLA show

4th November | billy

I know it`s customary to thank your customers first but we wouldn`t have met so many of them and mainly locksmiths, if it hadn`t been for the MLA putting on another very successful show. As the years go by very few trade shows manage to stay the course, I can think of several which have […]

The Benefits Of Choosing Digital Coded Door Locks

20th September | bl_admin

Digital Door Locks Explained Many small properties will be safe and secure using traditional keyhole locks for their doors. But larger homes and businesses would hugely benefit from choosing digital coded locks. Digital locks are an alternative to tradition lock and key mechanisms, and they do not require cards or keys. They are located directly […]

Electric Door Locks and How They Work

12th February | billy

You are stuck in a generation where manual keys are essential and an indispensable part of one’s home, car, or volts. That is the reason why some experts in this area have thought of one way on how to get rid of this generation. The answer is the paving way of the electronic door locks. […]

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