Code Door Locks and Their Exciting Benefits

5008 ECP SC keypad door lock

It is important for property managers to take the necessary steps to ensure that running and using the property will be easier and more convenient for them and the guests alike. Installing code door locks or keyless door locks is among the key steps that can achieve exactly just that.

Code door locks for doors either work as locks that open by typing a code on the keypad. These can also be WiFi-enabled to open it remotely using an app. Property managers can consider code locks for external doors if people come and go from the property on a regular basis.

If you haven’t installed code door locks for external doors just yet, here are some of the best reasons that make them the perfect choice for both tenants and property managers.

Access Tracking Made Easy with Code Door Locks

Keyless door locks have a log of the people who came and went from the property and when. It makes it possible for property managers to check who was in the rental building and for how long they stayed there.

This feature improves a rental property’s security and helps property managers monitor who goes inside their building. Keyless entry systems can help identify the people who went and out of the property and when if there is any incident within the premises.

Code Door Locks are More Cost-Effective

If you are using the usual mechanical locks with keys, there is a need for you to change keys and locks regularly to maintain the safety of the tenants and properties. This continuous process over time can get pretty expensive and become a complete waste of resources. Code door locks for doors, on the other hand, can be easily reset. This saves you from the expenses of production and installation of new physical locks and keys every time.

Code Door Locks Offer Convenience for Renters

When a renter arrives at the rental property with code door locks, there is no need for them to look for a physical key or meet the property manager first. All they need to do is get the code required to enter the building. Keyless access systems eliminate the need to set schedules for pickup and return of the key. It is easier and more stress-free for renters once they arrive at the property.

Code Door Locks Provides Better Vendor Access

Thanks to code door locks, it is possible for vendors to come and go during deliveries even if the property manager is not around. It smoothens out the whole process for everyone involved, freeing up more time for the property manager and allowing them to focus on other key tasks.

No More Lost Keys with Code Door Locks

It is too easy for guests and tenants to lose physical keys. If the keys get lost, you might need to replace all the locks. You will also need to produce and distribute the new keys to people who come in out of the property. Switching to code door locks for doors helps you say goodbye to physical keys. This can reduce headaches and nuisance for everyone.

Install external and internal code door locks today and experience all of these benefits!

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