Easicode Pro – the 10 second on the door code set

Easicode Pro the 10 second on the door code change from Borg Locks

Changing the code on a digital lock can be a nightmare. Especially if you need to change it regularly and the entire lock has to be removed to do it. That might mean you put off changing the code as regularly as you should do, which is never a good thing.

Have total control over who has access in the areas you want, all the time with Easicode Pro

Easicode Pro is available on a range of Borg LocksBut with the Easicode Pro digital lock range from Borg Locks, you can change the code of your lock – on the door or gate in 10 seconds or less!

The Easicode Pro (ECP) series of locks is a range unique to Borg Locks. Codes can be changed via the keypad and the locks remain in situ the whole time. To change the code, it’s as simple as knowing the original code and having the code change key.

Choose an Easicode Pro lock to suit your needs

There are 65 different products in the ECP range and growing, meaning you’ll find a digital lock to suit your exact requirements: we have heavy duty marine grade ECP locks designed to withstand all weathers for external doors, metal or wooden gates. Medium-duty locks for commercial internal use, cabinet locks and even antimicrobial locks to reduce the spread of viruses in high-touch areas. We guarantee we have an Easicode Pro lock to suit your needs.

 Click here to see our Easicode Pro products: 1000 series, 2000 series, 3000 series, 4000 series, and 5000 series.

An added bonus is that each ECP model shares the same fittings and fixings as their Borg Locks non-ECP variants, allowing the Easicode Pro range to be easily upgraded without the extra work involved in drilling further holes. Locksmiths and installers love this easy fitting feature!

Fit Easicode Pro by Borg Locks today

Ask your locksmith about fitting Easicode Pro from Borg Locks today and get control back.

16th April 2021 | Liselle Barnsley | Posted In : Easicode Pro
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