Electric Door Locks and How They Work

Access card for door entry

You are stuck in a generation where manual keys are essential and an indispensable part of one’s home, car, or volts. That is the reason why some experts in this area have thought of one way on how to get rid of this generation. The answer is the paving way of the electronic door locks. These have already replaced the old school way of securing one’s property, home, and money. Additionally, these also added certain vital features which will surely amaze you.

The door lock has previously produced a lot of variances like that of the latch or the so-called deadbolt or deadbolt, a lock which is distinct from the spring bolt. One difference between these two is that the former cannot be easily moved once locked. It can be done only by rotating the key. On the other hand, the spring bolt uses a spring as what the lock name suggests. This is done in order to hold the bolt without a single movement. One common feature of these two is the presence of keys being rotated in order to move the bolt or latch.

In the traditional keys, one method used is the so-called “pin and tumbler” method. If you are not familiar with the technicalities of this method, you only need to understand that this is composed of small pins with different sizes. These pins are divided into two parts touching one end and the other end. Each pair is then placed in a cylinder. When the manual key is inserted and properly used, these pins are moved in a specific distance. The cylinder containing each pair can only be turned if the key is properly used. When used, it creates a slight separation between the two small pins.

In the event of the electric door locks, this single problem will be resolved outright.


Somehow in electric door locks, the features in the traditional locks are still available only that there is no need for keys. Instead of manual keys, what may be used is a wireless sensor, which is more likely a remote control. Aside from the remote control, you can use the electronic card reader. These two may work once the needed electronic input has been properly supplied either by the remote control or the electronic card reader.


  • One of the advantages of the electric key locks is that the user is free to change the codes of the keys as many times you want to. You just need to choose a code that only you and your family members know.
  • advantage is that you need not remember all the time where you placed your keys.
  • When it comes to security, electronic key locks are advantageous because of the unique identification process. It was like that of biometrics.
  • Another feature of electronic key locks is the RDIF of the so-called radio frequency identification. It is advantageous most particularly to those who are using smartphones. Through the use of your phones, access is easily set in order to open a house’s door, car or money volt.
  • Lastly, the use of passwords makes it so easy to have access. You only need to memorise the code and properly put it on the electric key locks.

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