Garden security and what to do during mandatory quarantine

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With the country still in the grip of Coronavirus and everyone being locked inside, many people are turning to DIY projects around the house to keep themselves busy. One, often overlooked, project involves regular maintenance and updating of various security systems around the house. The most common of these forgotten about is the garden gate.

According to crime statistics, 9 out of 10 household thefts occur in the garden, averaging around 11,500 thefts per week. Whilst posing an obvious week point in the security of a property, it’s often neglected in terms of making sure that you and your property is safe. Nowadays, your garden can contain all manners of expensive equipment which, quite honestly, most of us wouldn’t think otherwise about leaving outside. This could mean that your lawnmower, your top-of-the-range grill or even your trampoline are at risk of being stolen at any point.


So, what do you do to secure your garden?

Common measures can be taken to secure your valuables. Anything that can be locked away at night, should be. If they aren’t visible to steal, it means that your property becomes less of a target for opportunistic thieves, looking to just remove goods on a whim.

Furthermore, making sure that your property is lit with either time based or motion sensor lights is invaluable. This can deter a lot of potential thieves whilst also allowing better visibility from the safety of your house and potentially exposing them to other witnesses in case the the situation escalates.

The most important thing that a person can do, is prevention. Even appearing more secure than other properties in the area can prevent most opportunistic thieves from busting into your property. Chains and padlocks may look good but both are at risk of being cut with a standard pair of bolt cutters.

Access control is a flexible way of keeping your building secure and monitoring who can gain access and at what times. It is a keyless system that enables authorised staff, family or visitors’ access to the building if they have the required code or card. There are many benefits to having a keyless locking system. Losing, replacing and copying keys takes up time and money. Fiddling in your bag and pocket for a small key every time you wish to enter the property is also a hassle. With an access control security system, you will not have this issue. To suit the most amount of situations, our locks are

The Marine Grade series offers a comprehensive range of mechanical access control solutions that have been specifically developed for marine applications whereby compliance to the ISPS code is required. Boasting our new MG Pro 2 marine grade finish, this improved material provides increased protection against saltwater corrosion as well as greater UV resistance. This allows you to fit a solution onto your gate that’s going to survive the elements with minimal maintenance or worry about the durability of your lock setup.


Help and support to secure your garden from Borg Locks

Fitting a lock seems overly technical and may scare off many individuals from doing it at home. However, standard door sets are surprisingly easy to fit for keypad locks and only take around an hour and require a fairly standard set of tools. For more information on how to fit a lock on a standard wooden door or garden gate, click the link below to see a guide for how to do so:

Installation Guides

Alternatively, our technical staff are readily available to help you out with whatever you require either via email or telephone at:

e.      Sales@borglocks.com

t.      01708225700

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