Drilling templates

Should you require a new drilling template, click on the model you need and print to scale in order to make sure all fixing points line up as they should. You will need to know the correct model in order to guarantee the drilling points will be correct. All ECP models use the exact same template as the non-ECP equivalent.

When printing, please take care to print to actual size. Failure to do so may result in the template not being to scale.

BL1506 & BL1706 ECP Series Drilling Template

BL1516 & BL1716 ECP Series Horizontal Drilling Template

BL2000, BL2400 ECP, BL2500 & BL2900 ECP Series Drilling Template

BL2202 Series Drilling Template

BL2600, BL2700 & BL4401 Series Drilling Template

BL3100 & BL3400 Series Drilling Template

BL4409 Series Drilling Template

BL5001 Series Drilling Template

BL5003 Series Drilling Template

BL5402 Series Drilling Template

BL5408 Series Drilling Template

BL6000 Series Drilling Template

BL6100 Series Drilling Template – A3 Template

BL7001 Series Drilling Template

BL7000 ECP Series Drilling Template

If you don’t see your model on the list, it may be a specialist unit that the regular fixing points can’t be accomodated via standard A4. In this case, please contact us and we’ll try to get you one sorted as quick as possible.

Due to the size of the BL6100 series keypad, the relevant template is an A3 document. As a result, be advised that any standard printing via an A4 printer may lead to fixings and dimensions being not to scale.

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A full range of documents, including code change instructions for all Borg Locks, fixing templates, product literature and installation guides can all be found on our help and support page

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