Garden Gate Locks – How Secure Is Your Garden?

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Garden thefts are happening across England every day.

Home security is an important part of the day to day life, but it isn’t always easy to keep on top of the security of your garden and potential risks are easy to miss. Focussing on making sure your front and back doors are secure can mean you overlook the garden gate, and this could render your garden vulnerable to intruders. You are unlikely to find many front or back doors unlocked, but a surprising number of garden gates are left unlocked and this can lead to theft of valuable garden equipment and even pets.

Garden thefts are happening across England every day and with the darker hours getting longer, it could be the perfect time for potential thieves to take advantage of this. Here are some ways you can make sure your garden is secure:

  • Coded Locks – While the traditional chain and padlock on a garden gate method are better than no lock, it isn’t too difficult to use a bolt cutter on a chain, and in colder weather, it can be fiddly and unpleasant trying to unlock a padlock. Coded and electric locks will mean no more chains or keys needed. Only people with authorised access can gain entry to your garden. These are easy and cost-effective to install.
  • Borders – A garden fence should be approximately 6ft tall. Any shorter than this and it is not only easier to see into your garden but also to climb over. You could also make use of bushes or thorny plants as these form great boundaries around your garden.
  • Be Tidy – You wouldn’t leave your valuables on your window in full view, would you? Well, this should also apply to your garden items. Avoid enticing thieves by locking all equipment and anything valuable either in a garage or shed or out of view. This also includes things such as wheelie bins and ladders as they could be used to gain access.
  • Lighting – Having motion-sensitive security lights is a fantastic way to deter thieves and improve visibility by keeping your garden well-lit when people approach.
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