Is my digital door lock safe?

You would be forgiven for asking if your digital door lock is any safer than a traditional key lock, when you consider digital devices come with their own risk of being tampered with or hacked, and our answer would be this. Yes, it’s very safe, especially when you realise that it takes only a matter of minutes for a regular lock to be picked.


How are regular locks unsafe?

When you think about it (and we try not to scare people), a home or business using regular locks is leaving itself vulnerable to a number of ways in which someone could gain entry.

Firstly, they could break the lock open using an iron rod, they could pick the lock using a kit, which can be bought online. Even the ‘pick resistant’ locks aren’t impossible to pick. Bump keys are also a popular way for easy access, as these fit almost any regular lock and of course it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t mention slipping the credit card through the door, which is still one of the easiest tricks in the book, which we’ve all seen in the movies and on TV.


Burglars beware

However, none of the above will apply to a digital door lock. Digital door locks that are being tampered with will set off an alarm straight away, which serves as a great deterrent just by that itself. But most importantly, anyone wishing to break in using a digital door lock will also need excellent hacking skills and will certainly take more than just a few minutes to gain access, which your average burglar won’t have (hacking skills AND time).


Passwords advice

Your digital door lock will keep you safe but be careful who knows your password. Some digital door locks allow you to change passwords, have temporary passwords set for certain times of the day or use individual passwords for the same lock. Passwords in the wrong hands can lead to your personal safety and home security being compromised.


On the whole, digital door locks are much safer than traditional key locks. If you have any questions about having digital door locks fitted to your home or business, then please give us a call on 01708 225700.

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