Keyless Electronic Digital Door Locks – Why You Should Upgrade

bl3100DKO locking assembly   Outside keypad

Home security is incredibly important and not something that should be neglected. Old style locks, padlocks and bolts are no longer able to provide the level of security needed for our homes and in current times, with everything being digital, it makes sense to apply this to our security systems too. Locks can become rusty and jammed, chains can be cut and broken, and keys can be lost or stolen. Here we look at the reasons why it is time to upgrade your home security by using keyless electronic digital door locks.

You will never be locked out again

The days of locking yourself out of leaving your key somewhere are behind you once you upgrade to electronic digital door locks. Most smart locks will give you various methods of authentication and can be linked to other smart devices so you could use your phone for access, a fingerprint or access code. You can remotely open the door from a different location too if a child or staff member requires you to.

You can monitor who is coming and going

You can link passwords and access codes to different people and see who has entered or left at any time. This is helpful if you want to ensure a child has returned safely.

It is simple and convenient

You will no longer have to rummage for keys once you upgrade to keyless digital locks, and gaining access to your property will be easier and faster. You can also unlock from a distance and simply walk through the door of your home without having to wait.

No hassle with physical keys

You will not have to worry about hiding your keys under a plant pot for someone to feed the cat when you are away, and you won’t have the hassle of losing or breaking a key. It is much safer for your home when you are not risking someone gaining access to a key.


You can customise your digital locking system to suit the needs of your property and you can have the system as simple or as advanced as you like. You can choose how many people can have access, how you use the system and what it is linked to. You can programme your locks to work around your needs and with many built-in features you have options to change the system at any time.


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