Keyless entry systems for the home are the way forward

Technology is dominant in many homes and people are finding that not only can it help with time-saving appliances but also help with home entry security too. We are living in times where digital is king and we rely on it to provide us with all our needs, including keyless entry systems for our homes and property.

There are many benefits to changing your home entry points to keyless electronic digital door locks. Here’s just a few of them:

Easy to use

With the use of digital keyless electronic door locks, this enables any homeowner to enter their home without the use of an old traditional key, which can be lost, stolen or replicated. Gone are the days of struggling to find a key at the bottom of a bag or pockets. This also paves the way to remotely unlocking doors with smartphones and key fobs, depending on what type of system you have installed.

Being locked out is a thing of the past

We’ve all had that gut-wrenching feeling of a lost key or maybe you forgot to pick it up on your way out. There’s no need to panic when a digital keyless entry system is in place. Simply punch in your pin code and hey presto! Advanced systems will allow your family members to have different pin codes, if they so wish, providing data on who is entering the home and at what times.

Additional security features

Some keyless entry electronic doors can offer the advantage of having a system lockout. This provides extra security if the wrong pin code is attempted too many times. Other features also include alerts to security companies or authorities if incorrect pins are entered. A reset mode is also available, enabling you to change all pin codes if you are worried or suspect criminal activity at the home or property.

For full details about all our keyless electronic digital door locks or to make an enquiry please call Borg Locks on 01708 225700.

14th September 2020 | bl_admin | Posted In : Home security
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