Locks for aluminium doors

It’s no surprise that aluminium doors are becoming so popular when you consider their advantages over traditional wooden or plastic doors.

Aluminium has long been prized by manufacturers for a range of reasons. Doors can be made wider and taller than uPVC while thinner frames maximize the amount of glass that can be utilised. Its weatherability and structural stability offers superior protection against heat and cold, as well as intrusion and damage. And its acoustic and thermal insulation makes aluminium a natural choice where noise or heat are an issue. Plus, the metal can be anodised or powder coated to give a range of different appearances and textures from individual colours to even wood effect.

Which lock should you choose for an aluminium door?

Typically, aluminium doors require a narrower latch type, so it’s important to select and fit a lock that has been specifically designed for a narrow door section.

The aluminium door lock range from Borg Locks

At Borg Locks, we’ve created 10 of our most popular digital combination locks with a 28mm backset deadlocking latch to fit a variety of aluminium doors and narrow stile situations. You can choose from two options, a short or a long faceplate, with the long version corresponding to AR dimensions.

Take a look at a few of their features today:

BL2202 – this is an entry level lock which also features our unique Easicode Pro, allowing on-the-door code change in less than 10 seconds. Perfect for aluminium and narrow stile doors.

BL2602 ECP MG Pro – designed to be highly weather resistant, this lock is in our Marine Grade series and has been sea salt spray tested to over 1,000 hours. It also comes with an inside pad handle and optional holdback

BL4402 – this lock is the perfect solution for both aluminium doors and external timber wooden gates. It’s the perfect upgrade to the BL2602, allowing for option of a free turning lever handle over a thumb turn and fits same footprint.

BL5402 – designed for medium to heavy duty usage situations, this lock is perfect for commercial usage as the free turning flat bar handle will not grant access until the correct code has been input. However, it also comes with an optional free passage mode for situations where the door needs to remain latched but unlocked without entering the code.

Locks for aluminium doors from Borg Locks

Chat, message or video call Borg Locks on WhatsApp during office hoursIf you’re considering an aluminium door, then take a look at the Borg Locks range of digital combination locks for aluminium doors today.

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