Locks you can rely on – meet the 5000 Series from Borg Locks

We created this range of medium to heavy duty digital combination locks to meet a wide range of end user requirements.

For high traffic situations, such as offices and commercial premises, you can rely on this lock range to stand up to the test of time, unlike many other lighter duty locks.

With nearly 40 different locks available in the BL 5000 Series, you’re sure to find the perfect lock for your situation. So, let’s take a look at one of the most popular locks available.

The BL5401 from Borg Locks

The BL5401 digital combination lock from Borg LocksThe BL5401 digital combination lock has several key features that end users love:

  • sleek and contemporary stainless steel satin finish
  • a comfortable flat bar free-turning handle, which won’t open the door until the correct code is entered
  • optional free passage mode, which when activated means the door can be used without the need to enter the code
  • several keypad options, including: single side, back to back requiring code in / code out to use, or keypad only for use with exit devices

The BL5401 ECP from Borg Locks

The BL5401 ECP digital combination lock from Borg Locks. Perfect for wooden, timber and metal gatesThis version of the BL5014 ECP digital lock has the same great features we’ve already mentioned, plus the added benefit of Easicode Pro, a unique on-the-door code change feature unique to Borg Locks.

For situations where the door code needs to be changed regularly for added security, Easicode Pro means this can be carried out in less than 10 seconds while the lock remains on the door. No having to remove the lock and fiddle with it ever again!

The BL5401 FT from Borg Locks

The BL5401 FT digital combination lock is fire resistant testedThere are safety situations where you need a fire resistant digital lock so the BL5401 FT has been independently fire-resistance tested for 30 and 60 minutes in accordance with BS EN1634-1 and BS EN1363-1.

Locksmiths will need to fit the lock with the requires stainless steel fittings and intumescent kits to keep the lock fully in accordance with the required certification.

Why locksmiths love the BL5401 from Borg Locks

Locksmiths love this lock because it fulfils a variety of end user requirements. Plus, as the BL5401 comes with a 60mm or 70mm tubular latch, it can be easily fitted for internal and sheltered external use on wooden, composite and steel doors, including front doors if the secondary BS / CE rated Deadlocking Lock is also used.

Why customers love the BL5401 from Borg Locks

It’s reliable, it’s durable and it looks good. Need we say more?

Looking for even more from your digital combination lock?

The BL5701 ECP MG Pro digital combination lock is perfect for your garden gate, wooden gate or metal gate.If your situation demands even more, then take a look at the BL5701 MG Pro. This lock combines the unique Easicode Pro technology with the durability of our Marine Grade models. This is the only BL5000 Series lock with key override functionality built into the lever handle. It’s great for keying alike multiple locks and doors.

The Marine Grade specification has been salt spray tested to over 1,000 hours, so you can rest assured that this lock is designed for heavy duty use in the harshest of external conditions. You won’t find a better lock anywhere else.

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