Meet the redesigned BL4409

BL4409 from Borg LocksThe BL4409 is a very popular digital lock but here at Borg Locks, we are continually innovating and looking for ways to make the good, even better!

So we’ve been listening to our customers’ feedback about the surface latch element of the BL4409 ECP MG Pro. In response, we’ve redesigned the surface latch element and given it a larger and easier to use knob turn handle.

BL4409 from Borg Locks with a slam latchBut that’s not all, as we’ve also added a holdback function, which is ideal if you need to leave the gate open for a period of time.

The BL4409 featuring the hold back buttonA dual action sliding button on the side of the case enables the hold open feature when engaged in one direction or allows the dead latching of the latch in the other, denying keypad operation from the outside.

The redesign of the BL4409 doesn’t mean we’ve changed everything though. You told us you liked the footprint of the BL4409 lock, so we’ve left that exactly the same as the earlier variant so retains its simplified surface mount options with a range of different latches and fixings, meaning it can be fitted on a wider number of gate stiles and frames.

It comes with a rim-fixed slam latch for ease of installation and where the gate is too thin  for a regular mortice lock. And we even improved the latch case as it is now made with a moulded cast construction rather the folded metal, offering a more robust housing.

Additionally, the robust free turning lever handle mechanism only engages with the correct code entry.


This lock been finished in the latest MG Pro 2, the upgraded black Marine Grade surface coating, and has been extensively salt spray tested in excess of 1,000 hours. It is now ready to withstand everything the British weather can throw at it, from sunlight and heat to cold and rain. The BL4409 is truly a lock for all seasons.


And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the BL4409 is also available with our unique Easicode Pro function, meaning the lock can be changed regularly in situ in just a matter of seconds.

The BL4409 MG Pro ECP is the ultimate lock to control access to your property.

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23rd August 2021 | Liselle Barnsley | Posted In : Garden security, Marine grade
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