Multipoint Timber Door Locks

Multipoint locks are increasingly popular, particularly for wooden and timber doors. Borg Locks have a range of timber door locks to suit different wooden door types.

Timber doors come in various styles, and at Borg Locks, we have the experience to ensure you get the best timber door lock to secure your property.

Timber is possibly the oldest and most traditional material used for doors. Timber door locks are available in a multitude of sizes depending on the door frame width.

You will also need to consider a few other factors when investing in a timber door lock. These include the type of handle on the door and the usage of the door.

There are two types of handle that a wooden door could have – a turn knob hand or a lever. If the timber door lock is required for a door expecting heavy use, this will need to be factored in as it will inevitably suffer more wear.

Good quality wooden doors have many advantages, particularly when armed with a good timber door lock. They are an excellent feature for a property. A latch on a wooden door is not sufficient and will render your door and your property at risk.

A multipoint timber door lock will add protection and peace of mind.

The sight of a sound locking system on any door will serve as a deterrent to criminals.

Speaking with a lock specialist, such as Borg Locks, is the best way to ensure that you get the best and most durable timber door lock installed for your timber door. Borg Locks create specialist timber door locks using only the finest quality components.

For more information on the range of locking system that we have to offer at Borg locks, contact one of our professionals today on 01708 225700.

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