BL2625 ECP – Marine grade, back to back knurled knob keypads & inside rim-fixed deadbolt


The BL2625 ECP falls in with our BL2600 series of marine grade, fully external locks. Coated in a specialized plated material, this unit has undergone salt spray testing of over 1000 hours. This has an on the door code change chamber, allowing quick and easy recoding.

The BL2625 ECP comes with back to back keypads fitted with a rim fixed deadbolt, for situations where a conventional mortice latch is not an option.



Product Details

The BL2600 ECP series is part of the Marine Grade series of mechanical locks. Undergoing a specialist e-plating process that has been salt spray tested to over 1000 hours and having all critical internals made of the highest standard of stainless steel, the unit is designed for continued usage in the harshest conditions. This offers a solution where compliance to the ISPS code is essential and it’s neither convenient or feasible to use a electronic or key driven access control solution.

This lock is designed for applications that is too narrow to contain a regular mortice latch. The BL2625 consists of back to back keypads with a rim-fixed deadbolt on the inside of the door. This rim-fixed setup gives the flexibility required to fit on most gate setups, down to the thinnest setups.

As with all our ECP locks, this comes with an on the door code change device, removing the need to take the lock off the door to change the code. Not only is this more secure, this cuts down the code change time from ten minutes to about thirty seconds.

With it being cycle tested to 100,000 cycles to show it’s durability, the BL2625 ECP represents the medium tier of small, mechanical keypad locks. This keypad comes with over 4000 potential combinations per keypad.

This lock is suitable for external use on timber and composite doors and gates.

The Cu-Shield is the world's first copper-touch digital door lock range, by Borg Locks

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