BL5251 ECP – Back to back marine grade keypads & tubular latch

The BL5251 is the marine grade version of the popular BL5000 series.  The BL5251 represents a medium to heavy duty lock where lighter duty locks just won’t handle it. With our specialized e-plated material and fully stainless steel interiors, this keypad will survive most situations for years to come. This comes with a back to back marine grade keypads and a marine grade 60mm tubular latch.

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The BL5200 series is part of the Marine Grade series of mechanical locks. Undergoing a specialist e-plating process that has been salt spray tested to over 1000 hours and having all critical internals made of the highest standard of stainless steel, the unit is designed for continued usage in the harshest conditions. This offers a solution where compliance to the ISPS code is essential and it’s neither convenient or feasible to use a electronic or key driven access control solution.

This comes as a back to back model, with a keypad replacing the standard internal handle, requiring a code to both enter and exit. Each keypad comes with independent coding chambers, allowing different codes on either side should this be required. Each have over 3000 combinations and are independently cycle tested to 100,000 operations.

The BL5251 represents a medium to heavy duty lock where lighter duty locks just won’t handle it. Offering a fully clutched bar handle, this lock can be suited for most different applications out there.

Each BL5251 offers a optional free passage mode, enabling a bypass mode to deactivate the coding chamber. Until deactivated, this allows you to enter without the need to enter the code.

This variation comes with a 60mm tubular latch. Suitable for external use on wooden, composite and steel doors.


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Timber Door, Steel Door, Composite Door


MG Pro

Internal / External



60mm tubular latch


External Grade Locks, Outside Enclosure Locks, Steel Door Locks

Duty Rating

Heavy duty

Handle Type

Round bar lever

Latch type

Tubular latch