Protecting your investment in your garden

the BL4409 from Borg Locks is designed to fit perfectly on your wooden or timber garden gate

Britons spent a whopping £16bn on their gardens during lockdown according to a study of 2,000 people, commissioned by STIHL.

Borg Locks Protecting your investment in your garden Garden security Uncategorised %Post Title, %Site NameThe typical British garden is now home to fire-pits (12%), sofas (11%), summer houses (11%) and rugs (5%), with 1 in 20 homeowners also buying either a hot tub, pizza oven or exercise equipment too.

This brings the average price of garden possessions in the UK to an average of £1,262 per home – equivalent to £28.5 billion nationally – according to MoneySuperMarket.

What you can you do to secure your garden?

No wonder more and more homeowners are now searching for ways to protect their garden investments. Especially as gardens are often a burglar’s first point of access to a property, so it makes sense for homeowners to make it as difficult as possible for them to access their property.

Secure your garden with a gate lock from Borg Locks

Our 4400 series of locks have all been designed to be fitted onto wooden and timber garden gates, so you can find the perfect lock to secure your garden and your valuables. Let’s look at some of their key features so you can choose the right lock for you.

BL4402 ECP – designed with a 28mm ali latch for narrow stile gates (such as a panelled door or gates with varying depths of wood thickness) where a full length mortice lock is too long.

BL4409 & BL4409 ECP – recently updated with a new knob turn handle, this is one of our most popular garden gate locks. It also comes with a holdback function, which is ideal if you need to leave the gate open for a period of time. Available with our unique Easicode Pro function and without.

BL4441Borg Locks Protecting your investment in your garden Garden security Uncategorised %Post Title, %Site Name & BL4441 ECP – where you want to control access in and out of your garden (perhaps to stop children leaving unsupervised), this lock has back to back keypads, which require a code to be entered each time it is used. Also designed for thicker gates up to 80mm.

BL4442 & BL4442 ECP – designed with two back to back keypads to control access in and out, this gate lock also has a 28mm ali latch to fit narrow stile gates.

ECP – Easicode Pro

Where you see the code ‘ECP’ after one of our lock numbers, this means you can choose to buy this lock with our unique Easicode Pro functionality. This means you can easily change the code for the keypads without removing the locks from the gate or door.

Marine Grade

Locks designated with ‘MG’ are Borg Locks’ robust Marine Grade Pro 2 black finish. This gives the lock added UV protection as well as proven resistance from corrosion by harsh elements, making it perfect for all external uses, such as garden gates.

Take a look at our locks for garden gates today and secure the things you love. And if you don’t see a gate lock to suit your situation, any not give us a call on 01708 225700 or WhatsApp us on +44 7483 457183 and we can help you find the perfect gate lock to secure your garden.


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