Signs It Is Time To Change Your Access Control System

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4 Reasons why you may need to change your Access Control System

A growing business will have more significant access control needs to keep up to date with new employees. Your access control system should scale with your business. So, how can you tell if it is time to upgrade?

Your business has recently experienced a break-in – A break-in can be extremely inconvenient, scary and costly for a business. Laptops, electrical equipment, office equipment, TVs etc. could have been stolen. Maybe you have previous employees that did not return a key? How do you know who was behind the crime? Not being able to pinpoint who could have entered the building makes it difficult to get to the bottom of a break-in and will impact on your insurance. If this occurs, you will want to upgrade to an efficient access control system that enables you to control and monitor who has access and when.

Your current access control system is noticeably outdated – If you have an old system and are frequently experiencing issues such as cards and fobs not working, it is time for an upgrade. If your system was installed a decade ago, it would not have the currently available technology and therefore will not be as efficient as current systems.

Your business is expanding – If your business is booming and experiencing rapid growth, well done! With this will come more complex security needs. Your existing system may not be growing with your business, and your security must reflect your business needs. More personnel means more frequent access. People coming and going at an increasing rate needs to be monitored and controlled, and a modern access control system is the best way of doing this.

Your keys are weighing on company time – Are you or your employees spending a lot of time fumbling for the right key? If you are carrying a high number of keys and frequently finding yourself trying to figure out which one fits which door, it is time to change your system.

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