The Benefits Of Choosing Digital Coded Door Locks

Key pad entry system

Digital Door Locks Explained

Many small properties will be safe and secure using traditional keyhole locks for their doors. But larger homes and businesses would hugely benefit from choosing digital coded locks. Digital locks are an alternative to tradition lock and key mechanisms, and they do not require cards or keys. They are located directly next to the door they lock and unlock and are activated by using their keypad to enter a code. You can also have a finger scanner option for added security and quick access.

There are two types of digital door locks, mechanical and electrical. The mechanical door locks will have push buttons and will not need electricity to power them. The advantage of this is that they will not stop working if a power cut was to occur. You can assign a master code to the lock allowing authorised people to set and reset the code. The Borg 6100 Solo digital door lock is one of the most popular coded mechanical digital locks and is ideal for aluminium and uPVC doors. Electronic door locks work in the same way as mechanical ones only they require a power source to operate. This could be mains power or battery power, or both. Most will have a light-up keypad to make it simple to use. Both digital lock types can be fitted quickly and easily to existing doors.

The Benefits

Access – If your home or business has a lot of people traffic then this could speed up entering and exiting and eliminate the issue of people fumbling for keys or cards.

No Lost Keys – We have all been in a situation where we have lost a key or key card, and this will typically happen at the worst possible time! Using a digital coded door lock will mean this is no longer a problem. This will also save the time, money and hassle of having to get keys re-cut or changing locks.

Easier – Not only is it fast and simple to install digital coded locks but it is also easier to find and use them compared to standard locking systems. Most of the electronic options will have a glow in the dark function meaning you will easily see what you are doing if arriving or leaving when it is dark.

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