The Most Common Issues With Door Locks

Door with padlock

Common issues you may have with multiple door locks.

Your home and workplace are likely to have multiple door locks. Day in and day out we open and shut doors, using keys and twisting handles. All doors and locks will begin to wear over time which will eventually cause problems. These problems tend to crop up at the most inconvenient moments. Here we look at the most common issues you may come across with traditional door locks.

The key will not lock – This usually indicates a part of the mechanism needs replacing. This can be done easily if you are clued up on how to change lock parts and have the tools and parts to hand. If you are not confident, we can send a professional locksmith out to you.

The key is stuck – If the key is stuck and does not turn in the lock, it is best not to try and force it. Doing this can cause the key to break and become wedged in the lock. If you have a key that is stuck, call a locksmith or assistance.

The door is distorted – Poor weather conditions and constant use can cause a door frame to become distorted. A professional locksmith service can quickly fix this.

There is a fault with the door mechanism – A faulty mechanism can be caused by general wear and overuse, and even under-use. These things can cause them to become stuck or broken. If you notice any significant wear or breakage on the lock or door, it is best to get it seen to before it escalates to a problem.

The door latch is misaligned – If the door latch is not correctly aligned with the strike plate, it will not shut properly. This can usually be easily fixed by adjusting the strike plate. If this does not resolve the issue, our locksmiths can reposition the door, aligning it with a new lock.

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