The perfect lock for your metal gate – BL3030

At Borg Locks, we had metal gates in mind when we designed the entire BL3000 series of digital locks.

Every lock comes in a high quality, fully marine grade tested material designed to survive arduous weather conditions outside for years and years, never failing and always looking good.

BL3030 - On the gateWithin this range, the BL3030 is tiny but very mighty! This compact digital lock has been designed for limited spaces as well as matching another well-known manufacturer’s footprint. The keypad is smaller than our other digital gate locks but is still double sided with back to back keypads allowing controlled access on both sides of the gate.


The BL3030 is also available with our patented Easicode Pro (ECP) technology. So if you’re going to need to regularly change the code on both side of the gate, then you can do so easily in a matter of seconds without having to remove the lock. Yes, you heard us correctly, you can change the code on your gate keypad in just a few seconds!

With the BL3030 ECP you have the ultimate lock to control access to your property for anyone coming or going.


When you’re asked by a customer to recommend a lock to secure their property or their garden, then the BL3030 will do the job. Happy customers equal great recommendations and plenty of repeat business!

And don’t just take our word for it, TFS Direct described the BL3030 as “a powerhouse of a lock, a double sided code lock with ECP technology, allowing you to change the code on your lock after installation, without removing the lock, and without messing around with blue and red tumblers.”


Why not take a look at the BL3030 or BL3030 ECP Borg lock today?

BL3430 ECP - Front profile v3And if you’re looking for another great lock from Borg, then consider the BL3430 which has been designed with a key cylinder built into the locking assembly allowing a deadbolt function to be engaged while also acting as a standard key override.  There’s even an optional XL latch bolt available to suit profiles up to 120mm thick. As with all our marine grade models, it has been salt spray tested for over 1,000 hours, you can be sure this lock will withstand the harshest of conditions. You can also choose a version with Easicode Pro if you know you’re going to need to change the code regularly.

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12th March 2021 | Liselle Barnsley | Posted In : Business security, Products
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