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One of the many priorities of being a business owner is to have good security. Security measures are provided via CCTV cameras and alarm systems and will certainly do the job but how secure are your locks? Old existing locks are sometimes overlooked and could be putting your business in danger, leaving it vulnerable to criminals.

As times change, so have locks. A key lock is no longer necessary with highly secure, efficient and easy to use electronic door systems, removing the risk of lost or stolen keys. No two businesses are the same and that’s why there are many options to choose from when it comes to electronic door systems, from keypads and smart cards to biometric systems. These options allow a business to select who goes where and keep potential criminal activities to virtually zero.

Deter criminals

The electronic door systems are robust and provide business owners with peace of mind that security measures are not taken lightly. By removing a key lock, criminals are unable to pick the lock or get hold of keys. This is a huge deterrent, especially for petty criminals looking for an easy target. Electronic door systems will deter thieves and provide much-needed security to any business.

Limited access

The electronic door systems can also allow limited access to certain areas. Codes and cards are only giving to those who are granted access. This gives employers and management the control they may need and can also provide vital safety measures at a site that needs to follow strict health and safety guidelines. Sensitive documents and valuable equipment are another concern for business owners, so having limited access puts extra security in place.

Locks automatically

Most electronic door systems will automatically shut and lock behind a person, reducing the risk of anyone leaving the door open, or having to lock it on exit. This protects your business and staff from any accidents that could lead to theft or vandalism.

If you would like your old locks replaced with a highly secure electronic door system, then please get in touch on 01708 225700 or email: sales@borglocks.com

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