Cu-Shield – the world’s first copper-touch digital lock range

The COVID-19 Coronavirus has increased public focus on the role of high-touch surfaces such as digital push-button combination locks in the transmission of infection within hospitals, residential care homes, businesses and schools around the world.

That’s why we’ve invented the Cu-Shield, the world’s first copper-touch digital lock range to help reduce the risk of acquiring an infection from a high touch surface.

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Cu-Shield – Harnessing the power of copper to prevent infection spread via touch surfaces​

Extensive scientific research demonstrates that pathogens including coronaviruses are proven to be rapidly and completely destroyed on contact with copper and copper alloys, under typical indoor usage conditions. This is a stark contrast to other popular metallic door hardware materials, on which pathogens persist for several days.

There is significant national and international press coverage of the benefits of copper and copper alloys and their role in helping to reduce the spread of infection in healthcare and in the wider community.

The Cu-Shield is the world’s first keypad shield, which can be retrofitted to existing keypad locks in high-transmission areas within hospitals, residential care homes, schools and businesses alike.

It is a complete combined forged and machined shield made from a high copper-content alloy (minimum 60% Cu content), tested to ISO 22196: 2011.

The Cu-Shield is available on three of our most popular digital push-button combination locks.

Cu-Shield - the world's first copper-touch digital lock range

  • BL2500
  • BL2700 with key override functionality
  • BL5400

BL2500 Series / BL2701 Series:

The BL2701 Cu-Shield will be available as a retrofit kit to be installed over the top of an existing fitted product, and for new installs, the Cu-Shield will also be made available complete with BL2701 preinstalled within the Cu-Shield.

Note: The Bl2500 Cu-Shield will only be supplied as a complete lock, preinstalled within the Cu-Shield. The Cu-Shield only element is not available at this time.

Both BL2500 and BL2701 Cu-Shield will be supplied with replacement internal forged Cu pad handle unit.

BL5400 Series:

The BL5400 Cu-Shield will be available as a retrofit kit to be installed over the top of an existing fitted product, and for new installs the Cu-Shield will be also be made available complete with BL5400 preinstalled within the Cu-Shield.

Cu-Shield - Continuous and ongoing antimicrobial action against pathogens and viruses

The Cu-Shield has been carefully designed, manufactured and patented by Borg Locks to encase the complete digital lock. It is not an applied finish or surface coating. It is a complete unit, forged and machined from a solid copper-content alloy (minimum 60% Cu content).

Whilst having the look of brushed brass, the high copper content of the Cu-Shield means that it significantly and continuously reduces the microbial loading on touch surfaces in between existing cleaning episodes.

The Cu-Shield will retain its rapid kill properties against known pathogens, despite natural oxidisation, which may occur over time. Copper alloys offer long term antimicrobial performance that last the lifetime of the product.

Click here to read the endorsement of our Cu-Shield range of digital locks by ACT Surfaces.

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