Keypad door entry system has many benefits

Going keyless not only allows you to save room in your pocket but can be very beneficial when it comes to the security of your home or business. Lost keys or even worse, stolen keys are costly, locks will need to be changed and key holders will need new keys issued. With keypad locks, there is no key to lose or the risk of it being placed in the wrong hands and copies made.


Keyless door entry systems
Keypad door entry and exits will free up the need to always have the key on you. No more delving into your pocket or bag trying to find the key in poor lighting or at night time. Simply type in the code and you’re in. You also won’t have that daunting feeling of not knowing if you have locked the door behind you, as keyless door entry systems lock automatically once the door is shut.


Time scheduled locks
Control keypad locks to only open at certain times in and around your home or business premises. This function allows you to be safe in the knowledge that you are in control of who and when entry and exits are available. Many businesses have restrictions they may need to put in place and homeowners can have peace of mind that doors cannot be opened once the household is asleep at night.

Security at its highest
With no lock to pick the robust keypads proves to be a winner when it comes to security and convenience.


Safety for the children
Forgotten keys can be a thing of the past. No more waiting on the doorstep for mum and dad. Children can let themselves in, so they’re safe and warm, without the need for a key.

You also have peace of mind that the door will shut behind them and no one can access the property unless they have the code.


Built to last
No more broken keys in the lock or faulty mechanisms. Keyless entry systems will not have you wiggling the key or doing any sort of opening ritual that comes with a traditional key sometimes. A gentle push of the buttons will allow you to gain entry to your home or business in seconds.

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